Practising Graphic Art

Artists who belong to a professional association are thought of as practicing traditional arts. These include artists in disciplines such as glass blowing, pottery or ceramics, painters and sculptors. Modern technology has changed the way the world sees art. Graphic artists create amazing images by using computers. In the past, much of the art on computers has been clip art. It was sold for a very low price and was commercially available. Many people did not really associate it with art, but this perception has changed.

Graphic artists use computers to create their own brand of art. These original creations are no less a form of art than the artist who draws on paper or paints on a canvas. Including this type of art into an association of artists offers customers more options and does not detract from the work of others. It adds a skill to the group and makes them more flexible to customer needs. It also offers the group a unique way to add service options for customers with unusual orders.

More and more large companies and institutions are including art in their designs for new or remodeled buildings. Including art during the planning phase allows it to be part of a reasonable budget. An art association is the perfect group for designers to employ during the planning phase. The role of a graphic artist can help keep down costs while still adding an artistic component to the plans. Using glass decals or glass transfers for logos and departmental area d├ęcor in a building saves time and cost for the company.

There are many reasons to include graphic artists who create original art in an association. They contribute a meaningful voice in the artistic community. Using a computer does not change the creative process, and it can be used to enhance the work of other artists in a group. It may help the group acquire customers who need large projects completed within a strict budget. Repetitive art work is easier when done on a computer. Original art that is designed for a specific customer can be part of the work of the entire group, not just one artist.